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The Whooping Of The Tards

What lovely heartfelt signs totally not handed out by the campaign.

Political party conventions. Alternatively known as The Whooping of the Tards. Fucking gross.

Like… it’s 2012. The internet is everywhere. Information is no longer controlled by the hate-filled cunts at the helm of political divide and conquer. And people still vote?

People still believe in things. They fucking believe! They struggle to articulate what they believe in, because it’s nothing more than an illusion built of key words, but oh how dullards love regurgitating them. And painting them on signs to wave in support of their own enslavement.

“Yes! We want to be slaves! Slaves with no guns and none of our own money! Give us a mixed race candidate with male and female sex organs so we can show the world how intolerably tolerant we are! Death to those that lay claim to the fruits of their own labor!”

“Yes! We want to be slaves! Slaves with sanctioned guns and an allowance of some of our own money! But more importantly, give us anything but four more years of the negra. Shit, we’ll take a Manchurian Mormon whose brain is incapable of producing original thoughts and whose policies will be indistinguishable from the negra’s – whose policies are indistinguishable from the organized crime family son that preceded him – just as long as he says ‘America’ a bunch and continues to not be a negra. Death to the liberal fags… but also to thinking individuals that desire sovereignty over their own lives, don’t think the entire landmass we live on should be a militarized adult daycare, and don’t shoot a red, white, and blue load of Amerijizz at the conclusion of the Pledge of Allegiance or Star Spangled Banner!”

At Tuesday night’s Republican Death Cult assembly to nominate Mitt Romney to run against Barack Obama as the new face of the same slavery, the Republican powers-that-be unseated a group of Maine’s elected delegates representing Ron Paul (who – and I say this cautiously – might be the only decent human being to ever hold federal office, if that’s even possible). This caused an uproar among Paul supporters in the arena, who began chanting, “Seat them now!” in objection to the ruling. Moments later, their protest – a protest over elected delegates being thrown out strictly because they didn’t support the establishment’s Reptilian of choice – was drowned out by the rest of the arena ingeniously chanting, “USA! USA!”

And the American Bar of Stupidity was lowered even deeper into Earth’s crust.

They started a goddamnedmotherfucking “USA” chant in apparent opposition to elected delegate’s frustration over being unseated without any justification other than the whim of the power-lizards. I mean, what am I supposed to type after that? What can be said for mankind after that? I’ve heard some inexplicable “USA” chants at UFC fights, when the crowd tries to get behind one of two fighters when neither is from the USA, but the RNC crowd founded a new frontier in non-applicable patriotism. While I understand that “USA” is the default chorus of false-prided American mongoloids, this application of it takes stupidity to places it’s never been before. And that’s remarkable considering it happened at a political convention – a Mecca of public displays of stupidity.

But since there’s no combating such indefatigable stupidity, I’m embracing it…

Can I get an Egg McMuffin and a hash brown, please?
I’m sorry, sir. We stop serving breakfast at 10:30.

I’m sorry, our bathrooms are out of service.

Excuse me, sir, do you know which direction the Wal-Mart is?

Hey man, quit literally pissing and shitting on me!

I’m Chris Hansen. Why don’t you have a seat and tell me what you’re doing here.

Politics is evil. Participation is a forfeiture of sovereignty and consent to be fucked in every sense of the word.

The Democratic Party is an organization that exploits the inexplicable self-hatred of feeble-minded people.

The Republican Party is an organization that exploits the inexplicable pride of feeble-minded people.

There’s a bunch of other parties that no one cares about because anyone stupid enough to potentially care won’t be allowed to by the Democrat and Republican parties. The Libertarian Party has the least cataclysmic philosophy of all parties, but in light of the fact that government is the negation of liberty, having a “Libertarian” political party is a deeply mind-fucking contradiction.

In sum:

Anyone that belongs to a political party is a cunt.

Anyone that votes is a cunt.

Wake up and fuck off. No – fuck off first. Then, if you wake up, stop by again and we’ll see if you’re still a cunt or not.

They’re All Gonna Laugh At You

The greatest difficulty faced by the average person considering a carnivorous / zero-carb diet is overcoming acculturation – the mental block that goes up when we hear something that we presume to be untrue or impossible, not because of it actually being untrue or impossible, but because it contradicts what we’ve been programmed to believe by our parents and culture. The greatest inhibitor to personal progress is often the conscious mind and its insecurities and rationalizations. We live in crippling fear of the judgment of others who are inconsequential to our lives. This post is about eating carnivorously, but let me begin elsewhere:

In the buildup to the 2008 presidential election, a quaint elder by the name of Ron Paul rose to a surprising level of recognition as a candidate in the Republican Party. He stood out amongst candidates from both major parties as he, unlike any other “major candidate,” provided a consistent, principled, honest message and platform. While I typically avoid “election” conversation – especially with people that think their vote is meaningful – I was amazed at how often I heard comments like, “I agree with everything Ron Paul says. I’d vote for him if he had any chance of winning.”

Okay, wait. So here’s a guy with whom you agree 100% of the time, but since conventional wisdom says only those deemed worthy by the Republican and Democratic National Committees are worth voting for, against all better judgment, rationale, and principle, you’ll accept this, march to the polls, and vote for “the lesser of two evils”? Really? And this thinking will effect change how? If you, and millions like you, could only tune out the system, you’d act on what’s actually best for you instead of choosing between dissatisfactory options that only do you harm.

In case it’s not obvious where I’m going with this analogy, Ron Paul is a big, fat, juicy steak and Obama and McCain represent your government-recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Not only do you want that steak… crave that steak – you actually need that steak. But the only reason you feel compelled to swallow fruits and vegetables is because your government (along with the innumerable independent experts that also want to control you) tells you to. So you – dutiful citizen that you are – do your part by eating your veggies and voting for your favorite puppet politician, never comprehending that both of these things are indigestible and, ultimately, contribute to the ruin of mankind. All the while, you never take seriously the notion of a Ron Paul presidency or an all-meat diet because the talking heads – the “experts” – tell you it’s impossible and, once again, you miss the opportunity to be set free.

So a chosen few, lacking any actual knowledge, set standards and we follow them because, hell, we don’t know anything either. Not only don’t we know anything – we are terrified at the prospect of actually learning something! Why? Because learning the truth forces us to face the lies we live, and we’ve become so comfortable with our insecurities that the prospect of security in truth is terrifying. Why? Well, because… what if the truth makes us change? Change is scary. Change may require effort and cause others to question why we pursue truth and personal betterment when it’s so much easier to order Chinese, sit on the couch, and perpetuate mediocrity. But hey, tonight’s the chow mein special and Paris Hilton’s New BFF is on at 8:00, so I understand.

People. Stop being sheep. Stop fearing truth. Stop fearing being different. Above all, stop fearing yourself. If you want to stop fearing yourself, trust only yourself. In other words, stop listening to the “experts” and “authorities.” Don’t believe it until you experience it. And go experience it! If you find this carnivorous path intriguing, then try it! Don’t email me with “what about eating at someone else’s house” or “what about eating at restaurants” or “what is it like when you first tell people that you only eat meat?”

Who cares?

Overcome this paralyzing fear of yourself and the world around you. Snap out of it. You don’t owe anybody anything, especially an explanation. If you want to eat nothing but meat, then do it! Anyone that objects has personal issues. Don’t hold yourself hostage to the ignorance of cowards. Isn’t one of our earliest lessons that “everyone does it” is a poor reason to do it? Well why do we eat vegetables? Because everyone eats vegetables. Well fuck everyone and fuck vegetables. You’d like to go carnivorous but you’re afraid you’ll offend your office coworker when she and her husband have you over for dinner if you don’t eat her green beans? Are you insane? Your dislike of green beans is not a calculated act of malice. You dislike them because they suck. And if your fat, diabetic, medicated friend and her husband with kankles and a drinking problem can’t deal with that fact, then I suggest you find a new fat friend. You can even mention to her that if she doesn’t want to be fat anymore, she should eliminate carbohydrate from her diet and live on animal flesh.

This path is a chance to eliminate the acculturated, self-defeating mindset that permeates so much of our thinking. That’s why I refer to it as a path and not a diet. Diet is one aspect of this path. In embracing a carnivorous diet, you’re presented an opportunity to embrace the truth and stand up in the face of mountains of misinformation and serve as an example to anyone interested that “common knowledge” is horseshit and that you must learn to think independently. Stop being a prisoner of other’s stupidity and do what’s best for you. Break free from the herd of the status quo mindfuck. Sure, it’s easier to plod along with the rest of the sheep, but it’s antithetical to the human spirit. You don’t have to shout from the rooftops and suffocate uninterested people with your life choices – but if you believe in it – act on it. Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Don’t vote knowing nothing about the candidates. And most of all, don’t be the assjacket walking around with an “I voted” sticker on your shirt – the scarlet letter of self-important douchebaggery. I will commit vehicular homicide on you if I see you wearing one of those. Decide on principle, act on principle, and let the cards fall where they may. Eat your meat, skip the veggies, and invite those that slag your decisions to kindly go fist themselves.