How you can Take Notes on the SAT Studying Part

Why take notes on the SAT Studying?

To begin with, why even hassle taking notes on the SAT studying part? Cannot you simply underline as you go, and even higher, simply bear in mind what you learn?

Effectively, there are a few issues with that concept. First, underlining does not truly assure any extra comprehension or recall. What number of occasions have you ever underlined or highlighted pages of studying in your historical past books for varsity, after which remembered none of that info 5 minutes later? It’s totally straightforward to simply underline together with your mind on autopilot and never bear in mind WHY you underlined any particular info.

Second, reminiscence will not be sufficient by itself. The SAT studying passages are both boring, complicated, or complicated, and continuously all three without delay. Relying solely in your reminiscence will lead to quite a lot of flawed solutions as a result of incomplete comprehension. In my days as an SAT tutor, I’ve seen dozens of scholars depend on their reminiscence and really come to the exact opposite conclusion because the creator; the best sat prep studying passages are expertly chosen to beat up on college students whose studying comprehension is not near-perfect.

Taking notes on the SAT studying passages is not going to solely enhance your reminiscence, however will enhance your comprehension as effectively.

Nice, so how do I take notes on the SAT studying?

The SAT studying passages, whereas complicated, additionally break down very properly into clear paragraphs with one or two subjects every. In different phrases, the studying passages would possibly use powerful vocabulary and complicated arguments, however the construction of the passages is obvious.

Use this truth to your benefit by specializing in paragraph-by-paragraph comprehension. Your objective is to determine the central matter of every paragraph and what the creator’s opinion is, after which put this into notes.

My notes are all the time between one and 5 phrases of notes per paragraph of studying. Why is that this? It forces you to essentially boil down the paragraph into key phrases, and it additionally checks your understanding of the paragraph. If you cannot boil down an SAT studying paragraph into 5 phrases or much less, you did not perceive it clearly sufficient, otherwise you’re not figuring out the first matter of the paragraph.

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