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Cum On Retards – September Search Terms


Dear Internet: You never let me down. Here, as always, is a selection of search terms that led a healthy blend of well-adjusted people to UTB last month:

girl sucks a retards dick

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Man Suck And Cum Pony – August Search Terms


Reading over the monthly search terms, I’ve come to look at dogs in a frightening light – “come” being the unfortunately operative word. The interest in dog-human interspecies sex is absolutely limitless. Suffice it to say I am convinced that I’m the one and only human that hasn’t date raped a canine. Also, if I can offer one tip based on a different all-too-frequently appearing search theme, it’s this: If you ever find yourself in a deer stand, check it thoroughly for bodily discharge before settling in. Alternatively, have the basic decency to clean your bodily fluids off of the deer stand before you come back in from the wilderness. You fucking maniacs.

Anyway, you know the drill. This is a small sample of the internet search queries that landed people at this website in the month of August.

fat teen dog

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10. cock suckers in methuen mass

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The Gangbang Of Mary Mongoloid – March Search Terms


Are you unable to start conversations or introduce new topics? Perhaps you’re a writing teacher tired of the same old prompts. Whatever that case, look no further than this month’s UTB search terms. Next time the conversation dries up or your special needs middle schoolers need inspiration, grab something off this list and let the magic happen. As always, these are actual search phrases that have landed actual human beings at this website over the last month. Enjoy.

excessive consumption of cum

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Top Gloid/Tard Searches

the gangbang of mary mongoloid

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Top 10

10. u mean the travel or the beef cunt?

9. adolf preteen gallery

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Nude Carrot Cake Fuck – Return Of Search Terms

Here’s a term dump of some of the best searches that have landed should-be mental patients at UTB over the last few months. For those concerned; I’m still alive, and I may even write some shit here again at some point, but building this combination bestiality/mongoloid sextube site is eating up all of my free time. But the public’s lust for sex among and between animals and the mentally handicapped keeps me going. On to the terms:

single pube

fat faggot with diabetes

white guys with flat tops

grizzled veteran whore

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Top Mongo/Tard-Related Searches

women jerking off mentally ill and hadicapped making them cum

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Top Animal-Related Searches

animal cum marathon 3

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Top 10

10. cock sucking in deer stand

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Most Pubes Ever: September Search Terms

I scaled back on the mongoloid, meth, and beastiality-related terms this month, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t include any of them. There wouldn’t be much of a list without them. I’d have to revert to all the lycra and Amish-related boner searches. Anyway, grab some titties and funnel cake and enjoy this month’s terms – which include the phrase “virginity crumbs,” so… you know… you’re welcome for that contribution to your lexicon.

mongo rape

jerk off contest


skullfucking a silverback ape

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Searches of the month:

10. young boys cumming association

9. give me a fuckin gogurt mommy comedian

8. she gets a standing ovation during double penetration

7. cum coverd compression shorts

6. penis collection mania

5. interacial rollerblades

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Adolf Tube Socks: August Search Terms

Strong term dump this month. If you’re new, I post some of the more delightful search queries that land people at UTB each month. Enjoy previous months here. This time around, we’ll examine a few specialized categories, then it’s onto the general mish-mash of perversion.

Top Mongoloid Searches:

sex with a mongoloid

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Top Meth Searches:

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Searches of the month:

10. fat metalhead dude with tits

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Gay Zoo Suck: July Search Terms

21 people arrived at Unleash The Beef in July after searching the phrase “12 inch dog penis.” Actually, just in the final week of July. I lost most of my site statistics from last month because my hosting company sucks and is too busy searching for 12 inch dog penises. 21 different human beings searched for “12 inch dog penis” and eventually entered this site. 21. I just Googled that phrase and failed to find a UTB link in the first five pages of results. Who are these 21 people, what engine do they use, and how deep into the results do they wade before they end up here? It’s not quite what they’re looking for, but this is the best I can offer them. And I don’t have what the 12 people that came here looking for “empty pancake tits” want, but maybe this can tide them over for now. Let’s see what else brought people my way in the final week of July:

chimpanzee sucking nipple of a girl

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Best mongoloid-related searches of the month:

3. are mongoloid women good for fucking?

2. mongoloid girls who like to

1. monster cock on mongoloid girls

Searches of the month:

5. i dont feign for beef bitches

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Make Meth For Fun And Profit: June Search Terms

Whoever takes the initiative to build a dedicated peanut butter-themed porn site is sitting on a goldmine. Based on a review of June’s search terms, interest in PB&Porn is soaring. I only included one such term, but it’s listed on behalf of hundreds. As usual, here’s a sampling of the mental disorders search terms that brought people to UTB last month.

tight pussies fucked by mongoloids

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Searches of the month:

5. the most splendid trousers of them all

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Prayer From Inside A Fat Vagina: May Search Terms

I’ll be switching the focus of the site over to Amish and compression shorts-related penises soon, but in the meantime, here are some of the search engine terms that landed people at UTB last month.

woman likes to self fuck out hers shit out of hers asshols in front of hers web cam porn

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Long time since I posted search terms. Since the last time I listed some of the search engine queries that bring people to UTB, the popularity of Michael Jackson’s cock has waned, but interest both lycra-clad boners and Amish dicks is soaring. As always, more people arrive here in search of young boy’s penises than anything else, but I’ve spared most cock-related searches, because we’ve covered that before. See past lists here and here. And if you’re an Indian girl killing boys in love, cut the shit.

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