I have testicles and I write things. You may now take offense.

* * * * *

What fans say…

“fuck uuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“A celebration of snarky cynicism and masturbatory fantasies.”

“Heavy-handed emotional mockery. The quality and substance is on an express elevator to the parking garage. Yes, yes, mocking rubes, leftists and feminists is funny.”

“Sir, this is TRULY awful.”

“Just fucking die would you.”

“Obviously you were abused as a child.”

“What a seriously misplaced sense of…I dunno…everything?”

“UnleashTheBeef is a Negrophilic swarthoid and PUA advocate, who out of a lineup of women, White, black and Asian, would only have sex with one of the Negresses.”

“You have a lot of growing up to do. And a lot to learn about what it means to be a man.”

“fuck u bithc ass nigga”

“You’ve been reported to the police. You DO NOT speak about children that way and get away with it.”

“You sit on your little fucking CPU and make comments like you are the next Hitler.”

“You really do need help. I cant even imagine how you come up with this garbage!”

“I would love to rip off your head and take a shit down your neck.”

“Not everyone is a superficial prick like you.”

“It seems clear to me that you enjoy disparaging those who are mentally handicapped, homosexual, or have weight issues.”

“You should seek professional help.”

“You are a mean person. Why are you so miserable?”

“It is really humerous that you think because you combine words the have more than two sylables that makes you gods gift to free speach.”

“Do everyone a favor and shut your site down and go spank your own meat.”

“ill kill u fuckin bitch!!”

“Maybe you’re just extremely insecure about yourself and feel the need to demoralize other people to ease your own pain.”

“Youre a misogynist pig. It upsets me that your even allowed to say things.”

“u r the most completely ignorent person ever!”

“You’re sick in mind and spirit.”

“i dont have time for pigs like u i only have time for people who wnat 2 make the world a better place not act assholes and kill animals.”

“I’m guessing you are a fat kid that did well in school only to realize that the cultured world had no use for you what so ever.”

“fuck u nigga u do dishes and suck my dick while u at it”

“You could be killed in other countries for your points of view.”

“I wish I had never stumbled upon your site but sadly enough I did.”

“You are a self-compromising asshole. Heavy on the asshole.”

“Unfortunately there’s no ‘Fuck Off’ button for any of your posts. Please get a debilitating disease so we can be sure to avoid its next fundraiser.”

“Kill yourself – your mother.”

* * * * *

What assholes say…

“Unleash The Beef is obscene, crude, brimming with hate, and dead on target.”

“Unleash The Beef is endlessly amusing. I really love this guy. He can just straight up write. He is everything I wanted Tucker Max to be. I’m not saying that I want to move to wherever he’s from and make him pies every day, but I really love this guy. He’s an easy read, he’s really funny, and he’s just fucking honest. Who knows, I could find out that he’s some bored youth minister, and just a fantastic fiction writer exploring his alter ego. Either way, I know I’m going to keep reading.”

“UnleashTheBeef makes me laugh and cry and live and love… like a Julia Roberts movie.”

“Your blog is fucking brilliant. Meat eating, flagrant cunt-hating, Right and Left-hating perfection. Thank you.”

“The world, and the parasitic beings that inhabit it, generally make me want to commit ritualistic suicide with a dessert spoon. I happened upon your site and spent a solid three hours reading through the archives. Brilliant. I giggled constantly, in a way that only crack-addicted six year olds (left unattended with a pair of scissors) will ever understand. And though nothing productive came of it, I take great delight in knowing that, somewhere, droves of Vegan Pussies are writhing in agony and abject (though ultimately inconsequential) horror, as I masturbate furiously with an eight ounce porterhouse steak to the gleeful rhythm of your writing. The resulting orgasm and devouring of now pussy-scented steak made me want to kill myself a little less. Thank you, Sir.
The Owner of a Happy Vagina.”

* * * * *