“Why Can’t I Hate You In Speech?”

¬†Shut up and listen to the most intuitive motherfucker that ever walked the Earth. And if you’re one of the social derelicts that reads this site as though it’s an intentional member of the “manosphere,” do yourself this favor: Delete all of your shitty bookmarks, unsubscribe from all of your shitty podcasts, take your dick out of your non-scrolling hand and quit porn, and absorb everything that’s ever emanated from the mouth of Patrice O’Neal. Start here. Just don’t tell anyone I told you this, you know, because Patrice O’Neal is black and, as evidenced by the last few posts here, I am a virulent racist.

One Response to ““Why Can’t I Hate You In Speech?””

  • The Greatone


    What gives? Im guessing youre a 30 something unemployed type, living in your mom’s house, sort of always in between jobs, maybe living in your big brother’s old room but with the most killer computer set up evah. Am I close? I digress.

    Im slightly concerned about your love of this O’Neal character. I read your diarrhea of the mouth introduction and yes wasted 60 minutes of my beautiful, handsome life that I will never, ever get back. In a way I would like to blame you, but in the end it was I who decided to listen and continue to listen waiting for the funny part. Let me summarize for your readers, maybe condense 60 minutes into 13 seconds. Jew cartels own the entertainment/comedic business ( whoah, stop the presses). You play by their rules, they blackmail you into being their bitch and the minute you decide sodomy isnt for you, your career is over. Is this new? Is there anybody that doesn’t know this? Where does “Shut up and listen to the most intuitive motherfucker that ever walked the Earth” come from?

    You sort of remind me of a Republitard that gets glossy eyed listening to a pizza delivery boy known as Herman Cain speak. For fucks sake, the guy is literally a pizza maker/deliverer that almost speaks correctly, so 75% of white america was ready to vote for him for anything, just give us a black man please… Why, well we all must atone and prove we not racist. Or how about the great Colin Powell? I mean there is a very good chance he couldn’t win a game of checkers no less develop a first world successful military strategy, but by golly he is da man says white america. So earnest, so sincere General, so unqualified, what? shhhhhh. I call this the “iswearimnotaracist” syndrome. I didnt think you suffered from this crippling illness Beef, but I’m starting to wonder. This guy is a moderately funny overweight sub human that seems to have a slightly higher IQ than the african average. Due to this he can see the obvious, spells it out (almost) like so many have done before him, but since he is chubby and black, that message now has style and pizzaz and according to you, must be heard.

    What is next Beef? Are we going to see a video for Cult of Personality as the greatest rock video/song ever put down?

    Anyway, love your stuff Beef, your’re the tits but dont go spilling beef gravy on your RG III jersey this Sunday while watching the greatest QB ever to play any sport in the history of any world ever of all time.

    Peaches N. Cream

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